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Features of BlackBerry OS 5.0

August 19th, 2009
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*Sending/sharing files now is easier with a simple Send/Share button dedicated as opposed to the classic menu displaying every method right there
* Documents to Go finally updated: the icons appear to be different only as ZDNet confirms so there is no word on an official upgrade, but we wouldn’t be surprised
* Better power management: finally commands such as ALT + Right Shift + Delete and QuickPull apps are no longer required as shutting of the device is a given rather than a luxury!

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BlackBerry OS 5.0 Is Coming (Pictures)

August 18th, 2009
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BlackBerry OS 5.0 is coming! No more cliche here but clear pictures for you!


The official today theme on OS 5.0 appears to have Messages, Missed Calls, and Calendars rockin’ some pretty smooth fonts. The header portion appears to be the same, as it never bothered anyone. Bottom Docked themes just weren’t cutting it after all this time. ZDNet put together a list as to what the new OS has to offer for you with brief descriptions along with some excellent screenshots. There are indeed more screenshots, but we’re sharing the cool ones that everyone will overall benefit from. Continue reading to see the official details.

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Best twitter client side : ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909

August 14th, 2009
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BY BerryCN Author: Pell Chen

The latest version of ÜberTwitter Beta4 has been released and the version number is 0.909. Significant features of this version is the adding of advertise. It seems that it is going to be a free application service in the future, just like Viigo. But there are signs which show ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909 will be a charge software, This is really a pity for BBers. In my opinion, SocialScope is sure to be a charge software. ÜberTwitter support the new version of a custom API, and bug is still with ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909.Chinese BBers can look at the recommendation from

ubertwitter_beta3ÜberTwitter is highly favored by foreign BBers as a free client side for Blackberry. The company released the official version,the new V4, (you can downloaded it in the bottom of this article).First let’s take a look at the significant features of this NEW BORN ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909
• More than one account - now, you can configure and use multiple accounts and each account can have different configurations. Read more…