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Notify You Event with Free Application-EveryHour

September 27th, 2009
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EveryHour is a simple and cool application that notifies BlackBerry owner about clock event: hour event and half an hour event. EveryHour uses sound notifications to notify about the event. User can choose one of predefined sound or select from own files, choose volume and other settings.



Main Features & System requirements

  • Every hour and half an hour sound notifications
  • Full integration with device profiles NEW!!!
  • Cusomize sound notifications with your own files from the device memory or SDCard
  • Customize active period (from and to intervals)
  • Single and multi sound notification type
  • Customize sounds for notifications (sigle sound, clock chime, cuckoo, rooster, bell)
  • Set volume
  • Set active on weekend option
  • Special version for BlackBerry Storm
  • Trial period 10 days

Supported devices: All BlackBerry devices (OS >= 4.2)



EveryHour v.1.2 Demo version  Download

EveryHour v.1.2 Demo version (Storm edition) Download

Free X1 And X1 zEdition Themes For The BlackBerry Storm

September 12th, 2009
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Many BB Storm users have contacted us and asked about the free themes for them. Ok, hereafter are the free themes for you. :)

Here are two great looking themes for the BlackBerry Storm called X1 and X1 zEdition.

             x1-blackberry-storm-theme-2                X1zEdition05

1. X1 theme features:

  • clean and easily readable home screen
  • 10 icon scaling dock (use + or – to show/hide)
  • 10 item hidden today (access by pressing calendar button)
  • hidden buttons for profile, media, clock, mail, manage connections, apps screen, options, contacts, QuickLaunch (in addition to the calendar button)
  • bouncing icons in dock
  • fully skinned icons
  • blue or white color background for messages, contacts, call log
  • easily readable battery meter/custom fan signal meter
  • all buttons on home screen light up on touch
  • full dialpad
  • custom focus/move icons
  • enlarged text on menu selection
  • good speed in transitions
  • .151 compatible

2. X1 zEdition has a hidden dock accessible through the + button, bringing 8 other icons in, while the – button hides all the icons.

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