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Battery Use Tips for your Maximum Battery Life

October 10th, 2009
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All current Blackberrys use a Lithium-ion battery, or “Li-ion” for short. In the past, some BlackBerry devices used a Nickel-metal hydride batteries, or “NiMH”. This article focuses on the Li-ion battery.

One of the most often asked questions on the BlackBerryForums is about battery use, charging and draining. From my reading, there is lot of confusion over the false belief that new batteries must be conditioned and fully drained before charging. I hope these tips below help some users form some good battery habits!

Tips for new BlackBerrys and Batteries:

  1. When you get a new Blackberry, charge it fully to 100%. There is no 120% or 130%, so once it hits 100%, it is fully charged. This normally takes about 2-4 hours for a new device. There is nothing wrong with “over-charging” the battery, however there is no real need to do so. Sometimes, new Li-ion batteries will come fully charged out of the box.
  2. There is no “break-in” or “conditioning” required for the Li-ion batteries. They do not need the old “fully discharge – fully charge” routine for the initial three charges as was recommended on older battery technologies.
  3. If you are a brand new BlackBerry user, keep in mind that you are likely using (or playing with) your BlackBerry much more the first few days than in normal routine use. If you think you are having quick battery discharge issues, give yourself a week or so until your daily BlackBerry usage levels off to a perceived normal amount.

Tips for routine charging and ongoing use:

  1. There is no memory on a Li-ion battery, and thus it is recommended that you “top-off” the charge regularly during the day. Ten minutes now and then on your wall outlet, automobile or USB cable is recommended. The charger displayed above (the Doubletalk Charger) is personally my favorite all-around charger, allowing for only one charger for all of my needs – for auto or a wall outlet.
  2. Roughly every 30 charges, deliberately discharge your battery to 10-15%, and fully charge to 100% afterwards. This will help maintain the accuracy of the “fuel gauge” on the device (your battery meter or scale). It has nothing to do with the battery memory (as mentioned, Li-ion batteries do not have memory) but helps maintain the accuracy of the device’s percentage of battery charge left.
  3. Don’t drain your battery every day to 10-20% of its charge. You can actually expect battery problems by draining the battery. Again, to repeat, top-off your charge during the day whenever convenient – even ten minutes in the car or at your desk will give you an extra 20-25% charge.

Tips for reducing fast battery drain:

  1. A BlackBerry constantly searching for signal drains the battery quickly. In an office building, residence, or rural area with low signal coverage, you will experience a quicker battery drain. Turn off the “radio” on the homescreen or the data signal if you must reduce battery drain in severe circumstances (Options > Mobile Network > Data Services = OFF).
  2. Check your applications running in the background. There are commonly four or five applications that will always be running (Messages, Call Logs/Phone, BlackBerry Messenger, Homescreen, and the Browser; there are others such as BeamBerry and Alarms which will also run). Make certain that the browser is NOT on an active webpage (should return the bookmarks page only). Close any other applications that do not need to be running (the camera or a game you were playing or Google Maps).
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth connection when you don’t need it (Options > Bluetooth).
  4. Some applications such JiveTalk have a “battery save mode” when idle. Log off applications such as JiveTalk, AIM, Google Talk if you are not using them for long periods of time.
  5. Use your sleeper-magnet enabled holster. The magnet in the holster is there for a reason – it puts the BlackBerry to sleep, saves the battery, and makes you a happy camper.
  6. Turn your backlight down to 80%… for many, that is a barely noticeable difference in the screen brightness (Options > Screen/Keyboard).
  7. Get an extended-life battery if you think you need it ( Seidio Online has many choices for various models).
  8. Li-ion batteries have a typical life-span of 300-500 charges, which averages out to approximately two years. A Li-ion battery will normally maintain more of a full capacity charge and then “quit working” suddenly, rather than gradually becoming worse in performance.
  9. Store a Li-ion battery with about a 50% charge at normal room temperature. Hot temperatures (like an auto glovebox) will drain a stored battery quickly

Omnibook for BlackBerry Lovers 7200&7700 Series (1)

August 13th, 2009
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TO have a BlackBerry doesn’t mean that your BB will bring you a ease life because firstly ,you have to learn how to use it! Here we provide you a series of Omnibook for BBers.

Home Screen Tips
• Move icon on Home screen- Select the icon, Press Alt and click Trackwheel, Click Move Application. Position icon, Click Trackwheel again to set icon
• Jump directly to an icon-Type first letter of icon
• Vertically scroll between icons-Hold Alt+roll Trackwheel Read more…

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Omnibook for Blackberry Lovers BOLD 9000 (1)

August 13th, 2009
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Want to be a Blackberry Master? This Omnihandbook is a must for you!
BlackBerry Basics
• Move the cursor-Roll Trackball
• Exit a screen or move back a page in the browser-Press Escape key
• Move to a list item or menu item-Type first letter of the item
• Select or clear a check box- Press Space key
• View available values in a field-Press Alt key
• Switch applications-Hold Alt key and press Escape key+ Continue to hold Alt key and select application+Release Alt key
• Return to Home screen-Press End key
• Delete highlighted items- Press Backspace/Delete key Read more…

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Omnibook for Blackberry Lovers TOUR 9630 (2)

August 13th, 2009
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Here we go the second part of the Omnihandbook of TOUR 9630. Enjoy!

Camera and Video
• NOTE: Depending on your BlackBerry® device,
the camera or video camera feature might not be supported
• Take a picture—Press the Right Convenience Key
• Change the flash mode for a picture or to turn on low-light mode for a video—Press the Space key Read more…

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Omnibook for Blackberry Lovers TOUR 9630 (1)

August 13th, 2009
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BELOW are tricks and tips for you to find the ease way to play with your Blackberry Tour 9630


• Move back a screen—Press the Escape key

• Move to a list item or menu item— Type the first letter of the item

• Switch applications—Press and hold the (insert BB data flow symbol key) key

• Return to the Home screen or application list— Press the End key


• Answer a call—Press the Send key

• Check your voice mail— Hold 1

• View your contact list in the phone application—Press the Send key

• Add an extension to a phone number—Press the Alt key and the X key

Type the extension number

•Type a letter in a phone number field—Press the Alt key and the letter key

• Turn on the speakerphone during a call—Press the Speakerphone key

• Turn off the speakerphone during a call—Press the Speakerphone key again Read more…

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Omnibook for Blackberry Lovers BOLD 9000 (2)

August 13th, 2009
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The second part of BOLD 9000. The omnibook is rather long and the patience of BB master should be strong. Still, follow these tricks and tips and make youself a BB master!

In a spreadsheet attachment

• Move to a specific cell-Press G

• View the content of a cell-Press Space key

• Switch worksheets-Press V

•Highlight a worksheet-Press Enter key

• View hidden columns or rows-Press H

• Hide the columns or rows again-Press H Read more…

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