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TechCrunch’s Biased and Passive Aggressive Interview With RIM

January 10th, 2012
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If you’re watching some of the CES 2012 coverage, you may have tuned in to TechCrunch’s visit to BlackBerry’s booth. Andrew Keen and Jordan Crook spent a lot of time talking about BlackBerry’s presence at CES 2012, saying the booth was really small. Once they arrive at the booth, the interview starts with Andrew Keen smugly saying “we’re from a website called TechCrunch, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.” The implication, I guess, is that RIM doesn’t doesn’t read tech news, but Andrew doesn’t realize he’s talking to Alex Kinsella who works on RIM’s social media team and can be seen commenting on TechCrunch nearly every day.

Keen follows up with “is anybody buying a BlackBerry?” which is a dumb question considering RIM has 75 million subscribers – an increase quarter over quarter. The interview is just nothing but cringe worthy and makes both Keen and Crook come across as immature. Keen goes on to ask “tell me what’s good about BlackBerry, what’s new?”. After Alex goes on to talk about PlayBook OS 2 and the updates in terms of BlackBerry Balance, native PIM apps and the unified inbox, Keen simply responds with “I already have a unified inbox” and obviously isn’t listening. The interview is cut short as the camera is apparently running out of memory, but it just seemed like a good time to duck out after grilling a RIM employee with insults under the guise of questions.

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