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HTC Sensation: Sensational

June 1st, 2011
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For over three years, the “Quietly brilliant” Taiwanese electronics giant, HTC, has been producing some of the world’s most sought after mobile phones and teaming them up with some of the world’s most popular operating systems.

While the HTC Pyramid before it caused quite a stir, the now named HTC Sensation is set to take over as the brand’s leading smartphone handset. Tech review site CNet UK reported that HTC lead industry growth throughout 2010, with smartphone shipments having risen by over 60 per cent per cent in the second quarter, compared with the first.

Google’s Android OS has caused quite a stir since its relatively late debut onto the smartphone market in September 2008, and has worked its way up the techy ladder of adoration very quickly to take its rightful seat on the throne as the world’s most popular and most widely used smartphone operating system.

Tina Teng, an analyst at market research firm iSuppli, told CNet UK: “Every brand that has put effort into designing smartphones using Google’s operating system is riding the Android wave… Android is the secret sauce for smartphone growth for many companies in 2010.”

So together, HTC and Android have been heading up the smartphone revolution. While Apple is set to launch the iPhone 5 later this year, and a number of manufacturers are launching new handsets supported by the new Windows Phone 7 platform, the release of HTC’s Sensation is the next crucial page in the annals of both HTC and Android.

Released this month and available only to Vodafone customers, the Sensation has arrived rather a lot earlier than Apple’s next smartphone offering (due for release this September).

The Sensation boasts a 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon processor, the labours of which can be enjoyed on its characteristically large and stunningly crystal-clear 4.3-inch, 16:9 aspect-ratio display. The phone comes with four gigs of built-in memory and an eight-gig memory card, making it the perfect storage device for all those photos, videos and and movies.

This phone was made for multimedia. With a 1.2 megapixel camera on the front enabling users to make video calls, an 8-megapixel camera on the rear of the device means that it’s also capable of taking 1080p, high definition videos. In addition to these specs, HTC have also made it possible for users to edit their videos on the handset itself. Trim frames and whole sections of your home videos and share them instantly with friends and family via Facebook. The HTC Watch on-demand film service is also included, so users can search for, purchase, download and watch movies in an instant.

Our bet is that the HTC Sensation will live up to its name – with the winning combo of Android and HTC, how can it fail? Adam Moss, ‘chief geek’ at leading tech website Expansys seems to think so, hailing the Sensation as a definite “iPhone beater”.

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