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Free BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) v1.6 Released

October 17th, 2009
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RIMGeeks has released a new version of their handy BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) Windows desktop application.

New in BBSAK v1.6:

  • Brand New Tabbed Layout for better organization
  • Animated app expansion
  • Multiple COD install now available through the “Install COD(s)” button
  • Multiple COD removal now available through the “Remove COD(s)” button (Read system required to remove cods)
  • Install JAD files (ALL CODs referenced in JAD file must be in the SAME FOLDER as JAD)
  • JAD Maker now included! (Box is drag and drop for windows xp and vista users only)
  • New BB Screenshot Preview! – Preview your screenshot before you save it!
  • RESTORE APPS BUTTON IS BACK!!! (NOTE** will install all files under “BBSAK BACKUP” in the applications section of your blackberry removing this app will remove ALL apps in the backup!!!!! THE ALX IS STILL CREATED!!! feel free to install that via loader.exe or blackberry desktop manager)

This desktop app has helped me out a few times where I bricked my BlackBerry (not on purpose of course). Luckily I had made a backup of my 3rd party apps with BBSAK so it was easy to install all of them at once instead of one-by-one. Backing up 3rd party apps is not all BBSAK can do and RIMGeeks is continuously working to improve it with new features and fixes.

For more info and to download BBSAK v1.6 visit the RIMGeeks project page.

Free Blackberry Financial App

October 14th, 2009
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Yahoo Finance is one of the top 5 financial portals in the Internet. Its not surprising a roll out of smartphone apps for the Yahoo fanance was just a matter of time. I’m just glad the Blackberry was one number one in their list.

Yahoo Finance for the Blackberry currently has these features;

- Currency Search
- Financial new aggregator
- Stock quotes and graphs
- View your Yahoo Finance Portfolio
- Real time data and after market analysis
- Statistics

Overall the software is a solid financial app for the blackberry I can’t for them to open a UK version.

OTA download: Yahoo Finance Blackberry

Battery Use Tips for your Maximum Battery Life

October 10th, 2009
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All current Blackberrys use a Lithium-ion battery, or “Li-ion” for short. In the past, some BlackBerry devices used a Nickel-metal hydride batteries, or “NiMH”. This article focuses on the Li-ion battery.

One of the most often asked questions on the BlackBerryForums is about battery use, charging and draining. From my reading, there is lot of confusion over the false belief that new batteries must be conditioned and fully drained before charging. I hope these tips below help some users form some good battery habits!

Tips for new BlackBerrys and Batteries:

  1. When you get a new Blackberry, charge it fully to 100%. There is no 120% or 130%, so once it hits 100%, it is fully charged. This normally takes about 2-4 hours for a new device. There is nothing wrong with “over-charging” the battery, however there is no real need to do so. Sometimes, new Li-ion batteries will come fully charged out of the box.
  2. There is no “break-in” or “conditioning” required for the Li-ion batteries. They do not need the old “fully discharge – fully charge” routine for the initial three charges as was recommended on older battery technologies.
  3. If you are a brand new BlackBerry user, keep in mind that you are likely using (or playing with) your BlackBerry much more the first few days than in normal routine use. If you think you are having quick battery discharge issues, give yourself a week or so until your daily BlackBerry usage levels off to a perceived normal amount.

Tips for routine charging and ongoing use:

  1. There is no memory on a Li-ion battery, and thus it is recommended that you “top-off” the charge regularly during the day. Ten minutes now and then on your wall outlet, automobile or USB cable is recommended. The charger displayed above (the Doubletalk Charger) is personally my favorite all-around charger, allowing for only one charger for all of my needs – for auto or a wall outlet.
  2. Roughly every 30 charges, deliberately discharge your battery to 10-15%, and fully charge to 100% afterwards. This will help maintain the accuracy of the “fuel gauge” on the device (your battery meter or scale). It has nothing to do with the battery memory (as mentioned, Li-ion batteries do not have memory) but helps maintain the accuracy of the device’s percentage of battery charge left.
  3. Don’t drain your battery every day to 10-20% of its charge. You can actually expect battery problems by draining the battery. Again, to repeat, top-off your charge during the day whenever convenient – even ten minutes in the car or at your desk will give you an extra 20-25% charge.

Tips for reducing fast battery drain:

  1. A BlackBerry constantly searching for signal drains the battery quickly. In an office building, residence, or rural area with low signal coverage, you will experience a quicker battery drain. Turn off the “radio” on the homescreen or the data signal if you must reduce battery drain in severe circumstances (Options > Mobile Network > Data Services = OFF).
  2. Check your applications running in the background. There are commonly four or five applications that will always be running (Messages, Call Logs/Phone, BlackBerry Messenger, Homescreen, and the Browser; there are others such as BeamBerry and Alarms which will also run). Make certain that the browser is NOT on an active webpage (should return the bookmarks page only). Close any other applications that do not need to be running (the camera or a game you were playing or Google Maps).
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth connection when you don’t need it (Options > Bluetooth).
  4. Some applications such JiveTalk have a “battery save mode” when idle. Log off applications such as JiveTalk, AIM, Google Talk if you are not using them for long periods of time.
  5. Use your sleeper-magnet enabled holster. The magnet in the holster is there for a reason – it puts the BlackBerry to sleep, saves the battery, and makes you a happy camper.
  6. Turn your backlight down to 80%… for many, that is a barely noticeable difference in the screen brightness (Options > Screen/Keyboard).
  7. Get an extended-life battery if you think you need it ( Seidio Online has many choices for various models).
  8. Li-ion batteries have a typical life-span of 300-500 charges, which averages out to approximately two years. A Li-ion battery will normally maintain more of a full capacity charge and then “quit working” suddenly, rather than gradually becoming worse in performance.
  9. Store a Li-ion battery with about a 50% charge at normal room temperature. Hot temperatures (like an auto glovebox) will drain a stored battery quickly

Free WordPress Beta For BlackBerry Updated To v0.9.0.157

October 9th, 2009
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It’s been a while since the WordPress Beta app for BlackBerry has been updated but a new version is now available. Version includes the following changes:

  • They’ve updated the comments UI and also added:
    • Gravatar support
    • Ability to open the URL of the author into the BB browser
    • A reply to comment feature, so you can moderate and respond all from the mobile device.
  • On the Post and Page screens they’ve also updated the UI and added:
    • The ability to open the comment list for a specific post
    • Support for the post excerpt field
    • Support for custom fields

    Support for Italian and French is also included along with SD card support to help out with memory usage.

To get the latest version go to from your BlackBerry Browser or visit the main site for more info. If you already have this application installed it should automatically prompt you to upgrade to the latest version. Feel free to share your thoughts about the new version in the comments!

Free Application-Voxofon Call Abroad v1.3.0 Download Available

October 9th, 2009
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A real cost saver for anybody calling abroad, with international rates from 1.3 c/min. Works seamlessly with your phone – place calls as usual using phone’s Dialer or Contacts. Rates and calling options displayed before each call abroad.

  • Use phone’s Dialer or Contacts to make calls as usual    Voxofon
  • Automatic detection of international calls
  • International rates from 1.3 cents/minute
  • Call-through and call-back options
  • Send intetrnational SMS directly from SMS Compose screen
  • Free test calls; Sign up to get up to 30 call minutes
  • Easy to get started – just install the application                  

Minimum Requirements: 

  • BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 and above

Display Dimensions
   240 x 240, 240 x 260, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 480 x 320, 480 x 360
Operating System
   4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen

OTA download

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Free Cortado SMS2Desk v1.1 for Blackberry 8900

October 9th, 2009
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Never miss an SMS again! Cortado SMS2Desk integrates your SMS communication into any e-mail program. Receive, answer, and archive your text messages as simply and comfortably as you do your e-mails. With SMS2Desk, you can even handle PIN messages in a convenient way.

  • Conveniently send and receive text and PIN messages on your PC or laptop through your e-mail program
  • Reply to text messages directly from your e-mail program
  • Integrate your SMS and PIN communication into Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, GroupWise, or any other e-mail program
  • Premium Version: In addition to the functions above, the Premium Version of SMS2Desk provides the following options:
  • Multi-SMS: Sends e-mails which exceed the SMS character limit in multiple text messages. Write as much as you like!
  • Send one SMS or PIN message to multiple recipients: just list their numbers separated by commas
  • Editable e-mail address: forward and save all SMS and PIN to another e-mail account (for example).
  • Limit the maximum number of text messages which can be sent in one e-mail. Allows even prolific writers to maintain full cost control.
  • Sent confirmation via E-Mail: so you always know if your SMS or PIN was sent.
  • No Cortado footer at the end of messages sent or received using SMS2Desk


Minimum Requirements:

  • Cortado SMS2Desk can be used with BlackBerry handhelds with firmware version 4.2.1 or higher.

Display Dimensions
   160 x 160, 240 x 160, 240 x 240, 240 x 260, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 360 x 480, 480 x 320, 480 x 360
Operating System
   4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0

Click here and get Cortado SMSDesk v1.1 for free

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Free Digi theme for BlackBerry 8900

October 7th, 2009
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image image

image image

Digi is a new, all custom, theme from BerryThemes. A slick "digital" look and feel with a brushed metal interface screen that persists even when you change the background.

  • -All custom interface, brushed metal texture
  • -User customizable icon order
  • -Animated Icons
  • -User customizable wallpaper

Minimum Requirements:

  • Data Plan (This means email and internet access from your Blackberry)
  • Desktop Software for loading applications to your Blackberry

OTA Download: Click here

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Free GPS Application for BB Bold (9000) and Curve (8900)

October 7th, 2009
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WHERE™ is a GPS application that delivers essential information about what’s around you. Are you looking for the hottest restaurants, jonesing for your next coffee fix, or need a cheap fill-up? WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, Zipcar, Starbucks, Gas Prices, Weather and more.

  • Yellow Pages – search for local businesses.
  • Weather – find the latest weather forecast for your area.
  • Yelp – find listings and reviews for local restaurants and businesses.
  • Gas Prices – find the cheapest gas nearby.
  • Starbucks – find the closest Starbucks nearby and get directions.
  • Zipcar – easily find the nearest available car.
  • Headlines – stay up to date with the latest breaking news headlines.
  • Where Wall – a forum for users to connect and provide feedback.
  • Movies – find movie listings, showtimes, and directions to the closest theaters.
  • Traffic – find the latest traffic updates before hitting the road.

OTA Download: Click here

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Chinese Wedding Zen: Free themes for 89xx (BlackBerry OS 4.6)

October 7th, 2009
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image    image

image    image

In the theme interface the couple getting bless from each other dressed as the way in traditional Chinese wedding. So cute and delightful a theme UI in your handset device.
MMMOOO is the leading brand in the Theme UI. Our products have lots of nice details, and they are tested well.
how to use:
We strongly recommend you use BB 4.2 version, cuz only 4.2 or higher version can enjoy entire fresh look theme.
1. Download the following file to your PC:
2. Unzip the file to your Desktop.
3. Connect your Blackberry to your computer.
4. Open up Desktop Manager – Application Loader – Add.
(if your bb has never load a theme before, you need a theme reader, we also provider it within the zip file)
5. Find the file called ”Themes.alx” and hit ”OK”.
After the installation finishes, you can now change your themes by going to Settings – Options – Themes.
(hint, the phone will restart to complete the installation)


  • 1. Fully redefined icons for this paticular theme
  • 2. Compatible for a wide range of devices, 81xx, 82xx, 83xx, 87xx, 88xx, 90xx, even 71xx, with OS4.2+
  • 3. An absolute free theme, but with MMMOOO”s art designing

OTA Download: Click here

Berry Holiday – Free BlackBerry 88XX (Bold) Theme

October 7th, 2009
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image     image

Your BlackBerry does a tremendous amount of work for you everyday. Everything from emailing, to surfing, to connecting with others. Whatever its task may be, you know it’s working its hardest for you.
Why not reward your BlackBerry for all of the hard work its done for you. Give it the gift of a very Berry Holiday. Trust me, it’ll do your berry’s heart good.


  • Double Zen
  • Quality icons all wrapped in little bows
  • Crisp clean text
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