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Best twitter client side : ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909

August 14th, 2009

BY BerryCN Author: Pell Chen

The latest version of ÜberTwitter Beta4 has been released and the version number is 0.909. Significant features of this version is the adding of advertise. It seems that it is going to be a free application service in the future, just like Viigo. But there are signs which show ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909 will be a charge software, This is really a pity for BBers. In my opinion, SocialScope is sure to be a charge software. ÜberTwitter support the new version of a custom API, and bug is still with ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909.Chinese BBers can look at the recommendation from FanQiang.com

ubertwitter_beta3ÜberTwitter is highly favored by foreign BBers as a free client side for Blackberry. The company released the official version,the new V4, (you can downloaded it in the bottom of this article).First let’s take a look at the significant features of this NEW BORN ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909
• More than one account - now, you can configure and use multiple accounts and each account can have different configurations.
• Prevent the troublesome!
• Video integration – we cooperate with the TwitVid.com to provide you with the best video services.
• Go to Twitter users – now, you can just enter username on twitter to see TimeLine from your friends.
• URL shortening – integrated the Bit.ly, you can just enter a short URL to get where you want. It makes full use of the 140 character limit.
• The speed of photographs uploading is greatly improved.
• Use built-in GPS positioning module, if GPS unable to obtain the location at the moment, the mobile base stations will be automatically called to obtain the location.
• Head Icon cache to the SD card, so that next time BB can increase its display speed, but also reduce the frequency of access and traffic
• Now you can choose to upload you photos and videos to SD memory card. They will be showed at the top of screen, so you can preview the effect!
• When tweeting a massage, you can insert an image from a lot of characters images into the message, such as a smiley face,a heart-shaped, etc.
• Integration of advertising - Please note that these ads is to support the free version of ÜberTwitter.
• Simplifies the friends and follower list
• You can immediately see your friends or followers and their information in the list. You can tweet them massage easily.
•Replied massage to Timeline will be immediate sent

• Amend the error of cutting off some twitter username while replying message to all.

• Reply All is added in the View menu interface

Click here to download ÜberTwitter Beta4 v0.909

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