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Poker Stats v1.0

August 19th, 2009

Do you like playing Poker? If the answer is “yes” then you will have to pay attention to Poker Stats v1.0. This software is designed for poker lovers which aims at improving the playing procedure. It’s hard for you to remember or figure out when, where and how you win or lose your money. You are confused and disappointed. This situation will be soon changed because the release of Poker Stats v1.0, which is going to make your game clear and logical.

Poker Stats v1.0Poker Stats v1.0 is known for its quickness of recording information about every data in every poker game you have played. You can go to Poker Stats v1.0 and check out detailed information, such as, when you lose your money and how much is the money, etc.

Main function of Poker Stats v1.0

1:Record all the information in every game.

2:Count the money you win and make a record

3:Record the account of every game respectively

4:Update the play history of the game.

Poker Stats v1.0 supports (at least):

For Storm, the screen resolution should be 480 x 360 and a 4.7 system. For BlackBerry v4.5, the screen resolution should be 320 x240.

Poker Stats v1.0 will only cost you 1.99$ and you can purchase it in every online software store. You can get technique help by contacting the technology service department

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