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Omnibook for Blackberry Lovers BOLD 9000 (1)

August 13th, 2009


Want to be a Blackberry Master? This Omnihandbook is a must for you!
BlackBerry Basics
• Move the cursor-Roll Trackball
• Exit a screen or move back a page in the browser-Press Escape key
• Move to a list item or menu item-Type first letter of the item
• Select or clear a check box- Press Space key
• View available values in a field-Press Alt key
• Switch applications-Hold Alt key and press Escape key+ Continue to hold Alt key and select application+Release Alt key
• Return to Home screen-Press End key
• Delete highlighted items- Press Backspace/Delete key
• Answer a call-Press Send key
• Insert (+) into a phone number-Hold O
• Add an extension to a phone number-Press Alt key + X key and type the extension number
• Assign a speed dial number to a key- On the Home screen or on the Phone screen, hold down key
• Turn speakerphone on or off during a call- Press Speakerphone key
• Type a letter in a phone number field-Press Alt key + the letter key
• Check your voicemail- Hold 1
• Move to the top of the Phone screen-Press Space key
• View the last phone number you called-Press Space key + Enter key,Press Send key to dial the number
• View your contact list on the Phone screen-Hold Send key
1:Within a message
• Reply to a message-Press R
• Reply to all- Press L
• Forward a message-Press F
• File a highlighted email message-Press I
• View email address of a contact-In a message, highlight contact,Press Q;To view display name again, press Q,In a message list
• Open a highlighted message-Press Enter key
• Compose a message from a message list-Press C
• Mark a message as opened or unopened- Press Alt key + U
• View received messages-Press Alt key + I
• View sent messages-Press Alt key + O
• View voicemail messages- Press Alt key + V
• View SMS text messages-Press Alt key + S
• View call logs-Press Alt key + P
• View all your messages again-Press Escape key
2:Moving around a message list
• Move up the screen- Press Shift key + Space key
• Move down the screen-Press Space key
• Move to the top of a message list- Press T
• Move to the bottom of a message list-Press B
• Move to the next date- Press N
• Move to the previous date- Press P
• Move to the next unopened item-Press U
• Move to the next related message-Press J
• Move to the previous related message-Press K
Attachment-General Tips
• Search for text in an attachment-Press F
• Move to the last cursor position after closing and reopening an attachment- Press G

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