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Omnibook for BlackBerry Lovers 7200&7700 Series (1)

August 13th, 2009


TO have a BlackBerry doesn’t mean that your BB will bring you a ease life because firstly ,you have to learn how to use it! Here we provide you a series of Omnibook for BBers.

Home Screen Tips
• Move icon on Home screen- Select the icon, Press Alt and click Trackwheel, Click Move Application. Position icon, Click Trackwheel again to set icon
• Jump directly to an icon-Type first letter of icon
• Vertically scroll between icons-Hold Alt+roll Trackwheel
Phone Tips
• Open the Phone screen- Press Phone button or Spacebar
• Change volume during call-Roll Trackwheel
• Insert an extension- Press Alt+X+Ext.#
• Dial the last number-Press Spacebar+Enter
• Assign speed dial to a letter-Hold letter key, then type number
• Access your voice mail- Hold 1
• End a call-Press the Escape button
• Type letters in a phone number- Hold Alt and type letters
• Mute call-Press the Phone button
• To turn mute off-Press the Phone button again
• Toggle full-screen mode/normal mode-Press U
Add a bookmark-Press A
• Open bookmarks-Press K
• Refresh a web page-Press R
• Close a web page-Press Escape
• Save a web page to Messages screen-Press S
• Return to Home Page- Press H
• View, copy or send the address for a link-Press L
• Move a page down- Press Spacebar
• Move a page up-Press Shift+Spacebar
• Move to the top of the web page-Press T
• Move to the bottom of the web page-Press B
• Stop a web page from loading- Press Escape button
• Open browser options- Press O
• Capitalize a letter-Hold letter key
• Insert a period-Press Spacebar twice
• Type alternate character- Hold Alt+character key
• Type a symbol-Press Symbol+click symbol
• Type accented/special character-Hold key+roll Trackwheel
• Turn on CAP-Lock-Alt+Right Shift (CAP)
• Turn on NUM-Lock- Right Shift+Alt
• Turn off NUM/CAP-Lock-Press Right Shift key
• Select text by character-Hold Shift+roll Trackwheel
• Select whole lines- Press Shift once+roll Trackwheel
• Insert “@” into an email field-Press Spacebar
• Jump to bottom of Messages screen-Press B
• Jump to top of Messages screen- Press T
• Mark a message opened/unopened-Press Alt+U
• Move down a page in a message-Press Enter
• Move up a page in a message-Press Alt+Enter
• Reply to a message-Press R
• Forward a message-Press F
• Reply-to-all- Press L
• View SMS messages- Press Alt+S
• View phone log- Press Alt+P
• View voice mail messages- Press Alt+V
• Display calculation results-Press Enter
• Clear screen- Press Y
• Clear last entry- Press T
• Add- Press I
• Subtract-Press U
• Multiply- Press A
• Divide- Press G
• Metric conversions- Click on Menu, select from list
Navigating Screens
• Select multiple items/icons- Hold down Shift+roll Trackwheel
• Jump to item in list- Press first letter of item
• Move cursor to bottom of page-Press Spacebar
• Move cursor to top of page-Press CAP+Spacebar
NOTE: For these tips to work in Day view,
in the calendar options, set Enable Quick Entry field to No
• Find a contact in address book- Type contact’s name or initials
(separated by a space)
•Jump to next day in calendar-Press Spacebar
• Jump to previous day in calendar- Press Shift+Spacebar
• To change to Week format- Press W
• To change to Month format- Press M
• Move to current date- Press T
• Move to specific date-Press G
• To create an appointment-Press C
General Tips
• Delete prior messages-Highlight date, click Trackwheel+select Delete Prior in Message list
• Change ‘signal strength’ from numbers to bars-Hold Alt+type NMLL
• Open ‘Help Me!’-Alt+CAP+H. This screen lists the version, application version, PIN, IMEI, uptime, signal strength, battery level, file free and file total.
• Reboot-Alt+CAP+Backspace
• Save battery- Turn off the wireless radioin fringe or no-coverage areas
• Move to specific cell-Press G
• Display the contents of specific cell-Press Spacebar
• Move to bottom-Press B
• Move to top-Press T

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