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Features of BlackBerry OS 5.0

August 19th, 2009

*Sending/sharing files now is easier with a simple Send/Share button dedicated as opposed to the classic menu displaying every method right there
* Documents to Go finally updated: the icons appear to be different only as ZDNet confirms so there is no word on an official upgrade, but we wouldn’t be surprised
* Better power management: finally commands such as ALT + Right Shift + Delete and QuickPull apps are no longer required as shutting of the device is a given rather than a luxury!

* Device statistics: shows all the memory in your BlackBerry and where it is being used.
* Enhanced music player: looks a little different as we expect to see enhanced features such as album cover downloading
* Easier wiping: a simple yet secure way of removing certain bits or all data from your BlackBerry
* Advanced profile settings: simpler categorised tones and alerts with more complex combination of settings
* Voice dialing improvements: with playback name, speed and volume settings
* New media folder: separating out your media into distinct areas instead of a media center (what a convenience)
* Enhanced searching: much clearer in what you are searching for with a white-on-black search bar
* Details on media: picture names and date taken highlighted on pictures taken with the camera;
* Web browser improvements: a better looking start screen with address bar and search functions
* Customizable web search: select from pre-configured search engines (Yahoo! by default, probably won’t be now this has happened) or configure your own
* Embedded media support: integrating embedded media into your mobile browsing experience
* Google Gears included: allowing online and offline sessions to merge to speed up browsing
* Home screen preferences: lets you set the download folder, change the home screen layout, set the theme or wallpaper and reset the icon arrangement all from one screen.
* Today screen: which includes your latest messages, missed calls and your upcoming calendar
* Default account management: allowing you to choose service books for specific and priority calendars and message servers
* GPS management: including location aiding which bridges location accuracy using the network and easing the burden on the battery without using GPS all the time
* New icons: still the same user experience as before so it won’t throw you off but more precise icons

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